Michigan Above Ground Pools

Michigan Above Ground Pools



Hello Michigan

Ann Arbor, Burton, Fenton, Flint, Lansing, Novi, Rochester Hills, Saginaw, Utica, Detroit, and others

 We’ve been looking over the pool dealers in your state and we realize you have been paying too much for your Chois Above Ground Pools. We may be from the left coast (California) but we can give you a better deal on these pools, even with shipping. Used to be in Michigan you had to get these pools from a dealer, who had to get them from a distributor and you ended up paying through the nose., but now we get them direct from the factory. We buy them for much less, so you pay much less. We know Michiganites are bred tough and strong, but you still have a soft spot in your heart for a great deal, and that’s what we have for you.. When you order this pool it will be packed, stacked and racked and shipped out to you the next day and you’ll see it in about a week. Now we sell these pools all over the world and we do have a limited supply, so don’t wait to long or you are going to have to pay the prices, your local dealer wants to charge you.  (yikes!)



Size Local Pool Dealer Price Our Price Including Full Package and
10ft x 18ft x 52in

They Won’t

14ft x 22ft x 52in

Even Post

13ft x 25ft x 52in


17ft x 29ft x 52in

(That’s Bad)


Now your family can enjoy this wonder soft sided portable pool package from Chois Pool.  The Chois is the Rolls Royce of soft sided portable pools. With it’s excellent construction, fine appointments and exquisite design, your family will be in the swim for decades to come.

  • Easy to setup and to put away – no tools needed.

  • Galvanized carbon steel frame Zinc Coated

  • 30 x 30 embedded scrim

  • Anti UV / Anti Fungal treated liner

  • Strong durable 35 MIL reinforced liner with 30 year pro rated warranty.

  • No ground prep, work crew or electrician required for install. Setup in about an hour.


Package Includes :

  • Pump

  • Cartridge Filter

  • Skimmer

  • Hoses

  • Complete Suction/ Return Fittings

  • Hose Clamps

  • Hose Adapters

  • Start Up Chemical Kit

  • Free Shipping

Everything You need to get started but the water.


Thank You Michigan! 

Michigan Alberca – Chois Pools   Above Ground Pools

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