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Portable Pools - Soft Sided Pools

How Tough Are Legacy Pools? Take The Virtual Tour
Portable Pools


Premium Portable Pools

Legacy Pools

Uses Ultra-High-Frequency Technology™  To Increase Adhesive Strength and Chemical Composition. Legacy Pools USA is #1  in Advanced Technology™

Much stronger and more durable than the all steel or resin/aluminum above ground pools, these Portable pools can stand up to anything, and the liner never needs to be replaced.  When a family has kids or animals that will be using the pools, this is ALWAYS our default Recommendation, For they are stronger, and tougher than the others. Made by Legacy Pools USA The Brand You Know And Trust




legacyportablepool quickpool

Legacy Portable Pools

The Original And The Best

By The Best Manufacturer Of Portable Pools In the Industry. Bullet Proof Liner, Strong Steel Frame

Legacy Q Portable Pools

A New Lower Price Legacy Pool

Made by the Legacy Pool Company with a slightly lighter 32mil Liner and a shorter warranty and a much lower price




 skyblue  blackpool

Legacy Duro Portable Pools

A Thicker 50 Mil Liner

Made by the Legacy Pool Company with a Thicker 50mil Liner and a the same warranty and Not Much More


Legacy Tidal Wave Portable Pools

An EVEN Thicker 60 Mil Liner

Made by the Legacy Pool Company with a 60 mil liner, Great for commercial use where local ordinances require a thicker pool liner

 info  info
laguna Malibu Portable Pools

Laguna Portable Pools

The 48in Depth Version of the Legacy Pool, Made by the Legacy Pool Company.


Malibu Portable Pools

Same Great Quality as Legacy With Special Footing for Softer Ground

info info
lagunablue Chois Portable Pools

Laguna Blue Portable Pools

Pools to fit smaller spaces and budgets. Same great Legacy Quality 

Chois Portable Pools

Top quality pools by a manufacturer who has unfortunately stopped making pools. 5 year warranty

info info
slberca aquablue (1)

Alberca Portable Pools

With the thickest liner available in the industry at 39mil. These are one of our favorite pools.

Aquablue  Portable Pools

48in  Deep Portable Pools

info info


Freedom Portable Pools

Also made by the Legacy Pool Company but with a shorter warranty which means you pay less!


Act Fast While They Last!


We have a limited supply of new refurbished pools in stock!


rhinohide familfun
  Rhino Hide Pools

Tougher than anything you will see in the discount store, this  one really stands up


Family Fun Portable Pools

The most affordable pools available in many sizes

info info
Intex Frame Set pool intexeasy

Intex Frame Set Pool

Another good affordable short term use pool


 Intex Easy Set Pools

These pools are great to keep the kids cool for the summer and then just put them away

info info


Intex Ultra Frame Pools

Pools that will give you a summer or two of swimming fun!


 Refurbished Pools

Check Out Our Refurbished Pools that have been used for shows, or filming or similar one time use. We have run these pools through the sealer and confirm they have a 2 season warranty. These pools are a good way to get a top quality pool when your budget is limited


Stone Facade For Portable Pools


Legacy Artisan Facade For Portable Pools

Finish Your Portable Pool In Style With our facades





Portable Pools Information

Helpful Links:

A Customers Take On the Pool

Laguna Portable Pools

Put Any Pool In the Ground

Everything to know about Installing a Portable Pool

Click Click Installation

Its Just that Simple!

Portable Pool Installation Slide Show

Complete From Beginning to End


From the best of the best Legacy  Pool to the inexpensive Family Fun Pool we have what you are looking for, whether it is something to last a life time, or just  a summer or two they are all right here. We also have the lowest prices on the internet. Our Premium Quality Portable Pools are the strongest pools available! Good for families with kids, dogs and even lions! These Pools are Tested and Approved By Olla Click Here to See More


Portable Pool Deck Ideas





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Legacy Pools Are The Only Pool That Grows With Your Family!


Now you can get the Legacy Pools With three Skimmer Levels. Since this pool will last you 30 years or more you want a pool that will grow with your family.  The Legacy Can.






Legacy - Tuff - Splash Comparison

What Everyone Should Know Before Buying Big Or Custom Pool!


What you don't know can hurt you....there are companies out there who will sell you a problem. Make sure WHOEVER you buy from can provide you with this information



Legacy Pools Rock Hard


Lion Tested Pools

Lion Tested Portable Pools
Lion Tested Portable Pools - Strongest Pools Available


New From Our Design Team

The Square End Ovalineal Pool

Square End Ovalineal Pool

Square End Ovalineal Pool



Outshine The Sun

The Square End Ovalineal Pool

There is no limit to what you can accomplish when you start with the best above ground swimming pools ever made. Legacy Pools, The Name You Know and Trust.

Save 50% On Your Pool

Top Quality Legacy Pools and More

Rendered Image
universal studios
Check Out Our Laguna Pool's Day Of Shooting On the Universal Studios Lot.

Who Depends On Us?

Who Depends On The Above Ground Pools Experts?

Who Depends On The Above Ground Pools Experts?