Intex 52 Rectangular Ultra Frame Portable Pools


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Intex Frame Pools

Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Pools

Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Pools

Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Pools

Item # Size Saltwater Generator Price
54481e 9ft x 18ft x 52in No 1499.99
54483e 9ft x 18ft x 52 Yes 1999.99
54477e 12ft x 24ft x 52in No 1949.99
54479e 12ft x 24ft x 52in Yes 2199.99
54485e 16ft x 32ft x 52in No 2699.99
54487e 16ft x 32ft x 52in Yes 3099.99


Pool Pump and Filter Unit

Saltwater Systems

Filter System Without Saltwater System

Filter System With Saltwater System
Comes With
Pump, Filter, Ladder, Ground Cloth, Cover, Deluxe Maintenance Kit, Volley Ball Set
Deluxe Maintenance Kit Includes
  • 110" Telescoping aluminum shaft with deep skimmer net
  • Wall mount surface skimmer
  • Vacuum (uses filter suction)


For even more choices, we offer the Intex® Rectangular Ultra Frame Pools. Rectangular pools are perfect for lap swimming and pool games. In addition, they offer the more traditional pool shape, which make them a classy addition to the backyard. This new frame with its unique shape is stronger than traditional rectangular frames. And it's easier to assemble, the new shape allows for the pieces to fit together so smoothly and securely with no additional locking pins. Which means a cleaner, even better looking pool than our traditional metal frames.