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If your looking for pool parts and accessories you may find it here. From Skimmer Parts to Vinyl Repair Kits we have everything you need to get back in the swim. As Always we have the Best Pool Parts and Accessories, at the Best Prices

Above Ground Pool Parts

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Above Ground Pool Parts

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Pool Parts and Accessories : Question 142

How Much does it cost to run a pool pump? The Short Answer is a 1hp pump is going to cost you 37.5 cents an hour to run.

Here's the math:

Amps x Volts = Watts

1 HP Pump at 110v uses 14 amps at 220v 7 Amps

1540 Watts or 1.5 Kilowatt Hours  Each Kilowatt will cost 25 cents.

We recommend running your filter about 4 hour a day 

total daily cost to run your filter $1.50

or $45.00 per month

note: these figures were related to us by an electrical worker at Edison (a So CAL utility company) and are based on ABOVE baseline kilowatt costs.