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Find the right above ground pools and installers
Affordable Above Ground Pools
These  are your standard quality above ground pools which are still VERY Good, but at a price that will allow must budgets to afford the backyard vacation
You can hide from our great pool deals!
Elite Steel Above Ground Pools
If you are looking  for extended warranties and beefy frames on your above ground pools then look into the elite steel above ground pools.
Best Pools Best Price
 Resin Framed & Aluminum
Above Ground Pools
If you are looking for a resin frame that stay cools in the summer heat or and aluminum above ground pool that resists the most corrosive environments, look no further!
Come out of your shell to a great pool deal.
Portable Pools
Portable Pools are built to fit today's mobile life style, they can be taken down for the winter (or be left up) and they are the toughest pools available. They're great for kids and dogs.....just ask Olla the Lion!

Portable Pools

Welcome to the  home of above ground pool experts, Arthur's Pools. Here you will find information on our many different styles of above ground pools,  custom made and portable pools for every taste need and budget. All our pools are of the finest quality from the smallest Splasher to the biggest ocean sized pools. and as always we pledge to bring you the best possible pool at the best possible price. So relax and look over our inventory. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 1-888-325-5944



Below find a list of independent installers that have submitted their names to us as professional pool Installers in the following areas. Please note that we do not "recommend" or in any other way place a guarantee on their work. They are simply choices you can make regarding your pool installation needs. We DO recommend that you negotiate the price up front and pay 1/3 at the beginning of work, 1/3 midway through and 1/3 when you are completely satisfied with the completed work. If you have any questions regarding pool installation please call us at 1-888-325-5944 or e-mail us

In The San Joaquin Valley Area and Central Sierra of California Contact:

E And B Pool Installers  559- 276-1729  Email

Jim Bartram 559-233-3672


In San Diego Southern California Area Contact(200 mile radius of Escondido)

Tracy Gould   760-917-1402


In The Southern San Joaquin Valley

Dennis Lawrence   559-625-4691


In Massachusetts Visit:



In Central Florida

Ray Jack


E-Mail Ray Jack


In Hawaii

Casey Schmitt

Above Ground Pools, Concrete Pads, Decks, Complete Remodeling


If you would like to be included on this list please E-mail Us