Island Breeze Inground Ground Pool Kits

Island Breeze Inground Ground Pool Kits



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 The Island Breeze Fully Customizable In Ground Pool

The perfect do - it- yourself Inground Pool Kit.

In Ground Lap Pools at Close to Above Ground Prices!

Size Price Features
12ft x24ft x9ft 8999.99 Basic package Plus 24ft river rock panel with water fall and raised veneer
18ft x48ft x9ft 11999.99 Basic Package
18ft x51ft x9ft 14999.99 Basic Package


More Sizes  and Configurations Coming Soon

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iseas.jpg (34233 bytes)

wpe1.jpg (44267 bytes)

Cement Facade

Stone Facade

Water Falls

Click For Large Pictures


The Basic Package Includes Filter, Pump, Ladder Liner engineer approved plans and all pool materials

Features Wolmanized (Specially Treated Wood) Impervious to rotting.  So your pool will have a long life in the ground. The pool water will never touch it with the liner between the wall and water.  Click here for information on wolmanized wood

Includes a fully customizable bottom profile from 3ft deep to 9ft Deep

Because you assemble the lap pools, you make the choices!

Please consult your count or city for necessary permits and check with your utility before excavation

Installing an In ground Pool Kit

The most important thing to put into a pool? Planning.

What would the landscaping be like? What things would have to be moved to make room for our pool? Before we saw blue water, we saw a lot of red tape. Not to worry, you can fearlessly navigate the approval process, working with local authorities to keep the flow going.

Getting your hands dirty before you get your feet wet.

What will the excavation be like? Here’s the scoop. And the backhoe. Be prepared for a lot of heavy-duty equipment rumbling through early in the morning.

We had to make sure that Grover, our dog, stayed put inside with us as we watched the mounds of dirt pile up. We just remembered that the grand canyon in our backyard would soon be our own private oasis.

Prepare for pipes and panels.

It was fun to see it start to come together: the plumbing pipes, followed by the actual Graphex™ pool structure itself – the wall panels, steps and K-braces. A permacrete pool base, permacrete patio and permacrete bond beam are added to lock everything in place.

Get hooked up.

At this point, we were pretty wired about our  Pool, but it wasn’t, yet. Our  Builder brought in licensed electricians to connect the lighting and filtration systems, while gas lines were installed for the heater.

Smoothing things out with finishing touches.

Having them put those steps down into the pool is like seeing presents under a Christmas tree: the anticipation reaches a fever pitch. And when we saw the lining we picked placed into our pool, we knew we’d reached the home stretch.


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