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 We offer two choices of exercise systems, they are both great!

Never Ending Pool

Alberca Swim Spa

Never Ending Exercise Pools Alberca Swim Spa

Features: These pools provide all the positives of a full-sized pool and spa at a fraction of the cost.

Fitness Swimming: The exercise pool uses strong jets to create a current which creates a stream to hold you in place. All swim styles  are easy to perform in the current. Freestyle is especially suited for this current. And, by adjusting the outlets you will find an increased work out as compared to standard pools, and no need for flip turns.

Health: This pool is wonderful for all sorts of therapies hydrotherapy, hydro massage, physical therapy and rehabilitation. By offering low impact, aquatic exercise offers a method to exercise. Swimming improves Cardio-vascular health like no other exercise.

Aquatic Aerobics: The current provides a new element for aquatic aerobic exercisers. With or without the current  current while performing standard aqua aerobic movements increases the force of the water on the muscles. You can use your water gloves and floating weights to improve the work out!

Water Walking and Physical Therapy: Water walkers can use the pool with or without the current. Using the current on the low setting and performing low impact moves, or use the pool in a regimen designed by a physical therapist to increase quality of your life. Again, water depth is important in supporting the body during exercise.

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