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Well, We have Certainly Gone to the Dogs Now! 

Were you looking for:

A Doggie Playground?

Doggie Playground

A place where pups can play, mingle and exercise. Above Ground Pools are great for sapping dogs of all that extra energy. If You heat the pool then you also have a great therapy pool for dogs who are older or suffer from joint or bone ache.   Dogs Love water no matter what and we have gone to the dogs, just for you.

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  Or A Dog Sports Arena?

Dock Dogs!

Above Ground Pools For Dogs

Do you have a dog who wants to strut his stuff, then we have the pool for you.  Dog Competition Pools. For Dock Dogs, Jumping Competition, Hunting Dog Training, anything that teams a dog and water together can only be a good things. And these pools are tough, well able to withstand the paws of a champion.

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Or a Wildlife Therapy Or Containment Pool?

From Olla The Lion in Sarasota Florida to a String Ray exhibit in Hong Kong, We have the pool you need. Dolphin birthing pools, shark tanks, you name it....and all available in custom sizes too If you can think of the size and the application we can make it for you..
Custom Made Pools

Above Ground Pools for DogsDock Dogs

Chessie Goes for the Gold!  This 2 1/2 year old pup has been jumping most her life and her record is 22ft 8in

Go Chessie Go!   Dogs Love to play in the water, and these pools were made to stand up to their type of play. Take the leap!




Ever wanted to let your dog or other pet go wild in above ground pools but you were afraid their claws would be damaging to the pool?  Well relax now you can have  the perfect pool made with a tough poly vinyl liner with an embedded scrim that can stand up to the toughest paw abuse
20in -52in Event Pools