Above Ground Pools Materials

Above Ground Pools Materials



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Above Ground Pools Material

Easy Set Pools And Frame Set Pools

Above Ground Pools Materials

Above Ground Pools Materials

 The Easy Set Pool is Made of a High Quality Durable Latex.

The Frameset Is Constructed From Heavy Duty PVC Pipe Frame and Rubberized Canvas Liner. Some Frame Set pools have metal alloy poles


The Portable Pool Style

aa The Portable Pools are Made with Heavy Duty Aluminum and Alloy Poles with Liners Of Materials that are Similar to The Material Used For Bullet Proof Vests. The Quick Pool and Quick Rectangle Pools are made from Kreylor. The Deep Quick Pool is Made from a Similar but more Malleable Material that is not subject to creasing .


Steel Sided Pools

s s  Steel Sided Pools are Constructed with a Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel With Many Coatings. Liquid Vinyl is a Popularly used one to prevent Rust through (see illustrations below from one of our manufacturers) Most are also Coated with a Protective coating to Increase a Long Life time. Top Rails and Side Rails can Vary In Size From 1 Inch to 9 Inches and Can Be constructed of Either High Impact Plastic Or Corrosive Proof Metal. The Best also are self Draining. The Liners can Vary From 10 mil to 20 mil Vinyl