The inground look for above ground pools


So You Want An In-Ground Pool Look  At Above Ground Pool Prices?

It is Possible!

Above ground pools offer the most versatile swimming experience possible. In ground, above ground, partially in ground. Whether you sink your pool into the ground or build a deck up the pool, the look of in ground pools can be had at tens of thousands of dollars less. Instead of spending $30,000 dollars on a pool, you can't move, that takes months to install and tears up your back yard. Spend between $800 and $5000 Dollars for a top quality above ground pool, and join that with your ingenuity and you will have that in ground pool look, for a lot less!

Take the test! Which one of these pools is an in ground pool?

Pool A

Pool B

         Pool C

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Here are some other options (Click on them for larger views)


B is the inground pool