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How To Make an Above Ground Pool Into an In-Ground Pool

And Save Lots of Money





Excavate the Pool Site

Allowing for Buttresses (if any)

































Set Up the Pool In the Pit












Excavate One end for a Deep End

(Expandable Liner Required)




Install Liner






Plumb The Pool






Fill In Around the Walls and Enjoy

Additonal Information

In The Process

If You Want To Make a Deep end in a pool you are seeking, A: You can remove the bands across the bottom of the pool and B: Install Foundation Pillars underneath the Buttresses to stabalize the pool.

This Pool is Sunk Two Feet Into the Ground

This Pool  Is Sunk 4 Feet Into The Ground

This Man is 92 Years Old and helped with the Installation of this Pool Two Feet in the Ground

The Final Product. Well Worth the Effort.

A Customer In Great Britain Shows Us How.

baycrest_2003_001.jpg (61222 bytes)

baycrest_2003_006.jpg (61918 bytes)

baycrest_2003_015.jpg (63387 bytes)

 Courtesy Of Mr. Lilly Portsmouth England

 Courtesy Of Mr. Lilly Portsmouth England

 Courtesy Of Mr. Lilly Portsmouth England