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Poolife: Calculating Pool Volume

Calculating Pool Volume

Before you can determine the correct dosage of any chemical you're going to add, it's important to know how much water your pool holds.  Make all your measurements in feet.  Example: use 12.5 instead of 12' 6".

1. Figure out the average depth of your pool.

(deep end depth) feet + (shallow end depth) feet = _______ feet / 2 = (average depth) feet

2. Calculate your pool's capacity using one of the formulas below.

Pool Shape
Rectangular or square:  (length) feet x (width) feet x (average depth) feet x 7.5 = (pool capacity) gallons 
Oval:  (maximum length) feet x (maximum depth) feet x (average depth) feet x 5.9 = (pool capacity) gallons
Circular:  (diameter) feet x (diameter) feet x (average depth) feet x 5.9 = (pool capacity) gallons

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