Princeton Above Ground Pools

The affordable choice in aluminum above ground pools is here. If you live in area of high corrosiveness you might consider an aluminum pool that is impervious to rust



Size Regular Credit Card Price Your E-Check Price  
8ft 9in 2499.99 $2119.99  
12ft 2599.99 $2239.99  Order This Pool
15ft 2799.99 $2439.99  Order This Pool
18ft 3049.99 $2749.99  Order This Pool
21ft 3499.99 $3179.99  Order This Pool
24ft 3899.99 $3499.99  Order This Pool
27ft 4429.99 $4029.99  Order This Pool
30ft 4999.99 $4559.99  Order This Pool
33ft 5599.99 $5099.99  Order This Pool

Ovals With Braces

Size Regular Credit Card Price Your E-Check Price  
12ft x 18ft 3499.99 $3179.99  Order This Pool
12ft x 24ft 3899.99 $3499.99  Order This Pool
15ft x 24ft 4199.99 $3699.99  Order This Pool
15ft x 30ft 4699.99 $4029.99  Order This Pool
18ft x 33ft 4899.99 $4349.99  Order This Pool
18ft x 45ft 6399.99 $5799.99  Order This Pool

Ovals Without Braces

Size Regular Credit Card Price Your E-Check Price  
8ft x 12ft 3499.99 $2969.99 Order This Pool 
10ft x 15ft 3699.99 $3299.99 Order This Pool 
12ft x 24ft 4599.99 $4199.99 Order This Pool 
15ft x 30ft 5699.99 $4999.99 Order This Pool 
18ft x 33ft 6099.99 $5599.99 Order This Pool 
18ft x 45ft 8799.99 $7849.99 Order This Pool 


What You Can Expect When You Order A Pool

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  1. All standard (non custom made) pools have shipping included in the pricing, and only residents of California are required to pay sales tax. So the price you see is the price you pay. Nothing Extra.
  2. All pools come with matched filtering system of your choice (Cartridge or Sand) that are sufficient from the size of the pool. Upgrades are only required if the pump is going to be at a distance from the pool or at a different elevation
  3. The rest of the equipment , Ladder, skimmer, plumbing connections are all included
  4. For items in stock (non custom) shipping takes about a week to tend days and the pool arrives on your curbside loaded on a pallet, wrapped and strapped. A lift gate will bring it down to the ground where you can roll it into your backyard one piece at a time
  5. We recommend that you always self install your pools, as no one has a better interest in getting it right, and we will be here to walk you through every step of the process.  A process that is so much easier with the newer technology Legacy Pools 
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If you will not be installing this yourself


POOL INFORMATION: Exclusive Signature Collection Above Ground Pools The Cambridge 52″ Round Above Ground Pool System

This pool is economically priced and carries a 50 year warranty backed by Liberty Pools who has been manufacturing pools for over 35 years in the USA. The Cambridge as been one of the top pools manufactured by Liberty Pools, Inc. Its Aluminum construction offers weather resistant capabilities and long term durability. If you live by the beach and are worried that the salt air will affect your pool, then this pool is built to meet your needs. We also provide you with a free online installation video that will guide you through your pool installation process from step one. As always this is not to be used in place of the manual, as the manual has instructions of greater detail. The video is simply used as a guide to help you understand what the manual is instructing.

Compare This Pool With Our Other Models

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By clicking on a pool picture below a new window will open and you can compare prices and sizes

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Blue, Pink, White Dog Bone Shaped Pools

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Large Heavy duty Blue Bone Shaped Play Pool for Dogs.
Continental U.S. shipping included.

  • Made with Truckbed Liner Material
  • Brass cap and drain for easy draining
  • Stays cool in the summer time
  • Chew and UV Resistant
  • 11″x44″x66″
  • Holds 85 gallons of water to the top
  • Built to Last


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Dog Pools Price List

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We have seriously gone to the dogs,  If you want a pampered pooch, or would like to see your dog soaring to new heights,  and Above ground portable pool for dogs is for you!

Size Family Dog Pool Dog Daycare Dog Therapy Pools
  Filter System 

for 1-3 Dogs Complete Dog Package
Filter System For MULTIPLE dogs, as many as you can fit in the pool. plus complete dog package Filter System for 1-3 dogs at a time, full dog package plus heater
8ft x 52in Round 2099.99    2299.99     3299.99   
12ft x 52in Round 2699.99    2899.99    3899.99   
16ft x 52in Round 2999.99    3299.99    4299.99   
17ft x 52in Round 2599.99     2699.99    3699.99   
20ft x 52in Round 3499.99    3899.99    4699.99   
21ftx 52in Round 2799.99    3199.99     3899.99    
24ft x 52in Round 4599.99    4799.99    6399.99   
31ft x 52in Round 5499.99    5899.99     6699.99   
5ft x10ft x 52in Rectangle 2699.99     2899.99    3899.99   
6ft x 10ft x 39in Rectangle 1999.99    2199.99    3199.99   
6ft x 10ft x 48in Rectangle 2069.99    2269.99    3269.99    
6ft x 13ft x 39in Rectangle 2289.99     2489.99     3489.99   
6ft x 13ft x 48in Rectangle 2589.99    2589.99     3589.99   
9ft x 17ft x 48in Rectangle 2999.99    3199.99    4199.99   
9ft x 17ft x 52in Rectangle 3999.99    4299.99    5299.99    
10ft x 18ft x 48in Rectangle 2499.99 2699.99 3699.99
10ft x 18ft x 52in Rectangle 4099.99    4399.99    5399.99    
10ft x 19ft x 52in Oval 3999.99    4199.99    5199.99   
13ft x 21ft x 48in Rectangle 3699.99    3899.99    4899.99   
13ft x 21ft x 52in Rectangle 4499.99    4699.99    5699.99   
13ft x 25ft x 48 Rectangle 3999.99    4299.99    5299.99   
13ft x 25ft x 52in Rectangle 4999.99    5199.99    6199.99   
14ft x 22ft x 52in Rectangle 4499.99    4699.99    5699.99   
14ft x  23ft x 52in Oval 4499.99    4699.99    5699.99   
14ft x 26ft x 52in Rectangle 4999.99    5199.99    6699.99   
14ft x 27ft x 52in Oval 4999.99    5199.99     6199.99   
17ft x 25ft x 48in Rectangle 4999.99    5199.99    6999.99   
17ft x 29ft x 52in Rectangle 5999.99    6199.99    7799.99   
18ft x 30ft x 52in Rectangle 6299.99    6499.99    7999.99   
Dock Dog Sizes      
21ft x 41ft x 52in Rectangle 7999.99    8299.99    9799.99   
21ft x 48ft x 52in Rectangle 9999.99    10199.99  11999.99 

We Have Many different styles Of Above Ground Pools 4 Dogs


The Labrador Ranch  ordered a multiple depth Legacy Pool and put it in the ground, then built a deck, saved thousands over an in-ground pool!


The Labrador Ranch  ordered a multiple depth Legacy Pool and put it in the ground, then built a deck, saved thousands over an in-ground pool!




 Dog Pools

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