Yellowstone Swim Spas

Let the effervescent power of a Yellowstone Spas Swim Spa get you into shape and relaxed all at the same time. This combination exercise pool and hot tub can meet all your needs at the same time, great for the athlete or for therapeutic reasons, one of our swim spas will make everything right with your world

Features: Eliminator High Performance™ Pump, WhisperHot™ Titanium Heater, Multi Colored LED, Hybrid Sanitizing System CD Ozone & UV Sanitizing System


Yellowstone Swim Spa f-1770-top

   7ft x 19ft x 45in Yellowstone  Capri


7.,5ft x 17ft x 51in Yellowstone Deluxe



Dimensions: 93″ x 200″ x 51″

The Yellowstone offers both a heated swim zone and an attached spa zone. It’s easy to switch over to the spa zone after an intense aquatic workout to relax sore and tired muscles. The Yellowstone’s exercise zone is equipped with 3 Swim Jets, 8 Hydrostreamers, and neck pillows for support. The spa zone features 31 jets for maximum hydrotherapy post-workout and can be upgraded with a sound system to immerse your senses into another dimension of relaxation.

Seating for 11, 70 Jets Swim or relax or both in this beautiful swim spa by Masterspa – and you don’t have to pay an arm or a leg to exercise both!


Yellowstone Swim Spa 7ft 2in x 19ft x 51in  Spa And Swim Spa Combo $25999.99

Compare to the Michael Phelps Swim Spa At $35,0000

Shipping Is Extra

Spa Features Click To Enlarge

1 Seating 10
2 Shell Color Sterling Silver
3 Dimensions 93″ x 200″ x 51″
4 Weight – Dry 2,950 (1,338 kg)
5 Weight – Wet/Filled 21,984 (9,971 kg)
6 Water Capacity 2,285 (8,649 L)
7 Pump 2 Sets of HD Power Frame Pump – 1 x 6.0 BHP (1 x 3.0 HP)
8 Swim Jet Pump Including 2″ Plumbing and Hi Flow Main Drains 3 x 6.0 BHP (3 x 3.0 HP)
9 Operating Voltage 240V
10 Jets 70 Exclusive Stainless Steel Candy Cane™ Jets
11 Swim Spa Jet Propulsion Systems: I, II and III (River Jets) 3 Swim Jet System-III
12 Swim Lane Stabilization System Yes
13 Stainless Steel Exercise Bar (1) 9″ / (1) “27”
14 Water Features 8 HydroStreamers
15 Floor Mounted Swim Lane Marker Yes
16 Fitness Anchors Yes
17 Tether Anchor Yes
18 Cal Flex™ Spa Equipment Yes
19 Headrests C-Pillow
20 Gate Valves Yes
21 Water management Systems Hybrid Sanitizing System CD Ozone & UV Sanitizing System
22 Filter Bio-Clean Filter™ – 100 Sq. Ft. (2 x 50 Sq. Ft. TeleWeir) / The other half 50 Sq. Ft. TeleWeir
23 LED Lighting Multi Colored LED 2 x 5″ / 8 x HydroStreamer
24 Spa Controls BP501G1 Equipment TP600 Color Control
25 Insulation Shell-Loc™ Foam with Thermo-Layer™
26 Heater 5.5 kW Titanium Heater
27 Floor Drain Yes
28 Pressure Treated Cabinet Frame Yes
29 Cabinet Panel  Preferred™ Horizontal w/ Vertical Trim
30 Cabinet Accessible Drain Valve Yes
31 Bottom Tray ABS Bottom Liner
32 Cover   Yes


Allow 30 days for Delivery In US 40 days In Canada, Alaska and Hawaii


Cover Options
Features : Standard and Optional


Spa Cover And Lift


Optional Accessories (Available only at the time of the order)



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