Above Ground Pools Experts

Above Ground Pools Experts

Welcome to the above ground pools experts. If you just scroll down this page you will see that we offer more sizes, styles, shapes, depths and kinds of above ground pools than anyone else in the industry. And if you don’t see the pool you like, We can make it for you.


Pyramid Deck Pool


Pyramid Deck Pools

Complete Deck and Pool Kits In One



Legacy Above Ground Pools

Portable Above Ground Pools

The New Technology Of Above Ground Pools. Easier To Assemble, Longer Lasting.






Steel Above Ground Pools

The older style pools, still popular. A little more effort to install, but a crowd favorite




Lazy River Pool


Lazy River Above Ground Pools

Special Shape Pools that give you a current of water to ride in





Custom Made Pools

Any size, any shape, any depth you need, we can make it! Just ask!




Dog Pools


Above Ground Pools For Dogs

For Family Dogs, Dog Daycare Centers, Dock Dog Pools and Dog Therapy Pools




Dog Daycare Pools

Pools Especially designed for multiple dogs especially for dog daycare centers





Dock Dog Pools

Its A Bird, Its a Plane, Its Dock Dogs, pools for competition dock diving.




Shark Pool


Water Park Pools

Start your own water park with one of our Waterpark pools



Legacy Pools


Hollywood Park Above Ground Pools

Take the stage with special shape pool!






La Ovalineal Pools

Can’t Decide Rectangle and Oval, You Don’t Have To!





Horse Pools

Legacy Pools are strong enough even for horses with our special bottom pad





Exercise And Fitness Pools

Premium Exercise Pools let you swim in place and you can swim forev er




Swim School Pools


Swim School Pools

Pools with printed lane lines and we able to stand up to kick turns and full competition



Aqua Therapy Pools


Aqua-Therapy Pools

Warm water therapy pools to help you ease back into life



Olypic Size pool


Olympic Size Above Ground Pools

50m x 25m x 1.5m Pool Official Olympic Size Pools for Sale






L Shaped Above Ground Pools

Yep we can do that with Legacy Pools



Yellowstone Swim Spa


Yellow Stone Swim Spa

Hard sided Swim Spas, two sizes



Legacy Swim Spa


Legacy Swim Spa

A portable swim spa by Legacy






Yoga Boarding Pools

Stand Up Yoga Boarding pools for display and practicing before you go out into the bay



Water Flow Pools


Stand Up Paddle Boarding Pools

Get Your Paddle On With This Special Pool





Movie and TV Production Pools

When Hollywood needs a reliable source for pools that need to perform first time, every time, they call on us! 



In-Ground Pools


In-Ground Pool Kits

Save On The Special Kits that cost much less for the do it your-selfer





Deep Pools

Pools Up To 10ft Deep! Legacy Pools can do it





Movie and TV Production Pools

When hollywood needs a proven performer, they call, on the above ground pools experts


 US Swimming Today Show Pools 

The US Swim Teams Uses our pools for demonstrations



Deep Pools


Really Deep Pools  

Our round pools can be made up to 20ft deep!



Scuba Pool

Scuba Pools

Deep pools large enough to teach scuba diving skills.







Spa Pools  

Small steel pools with heat and bubble massage



Hopper Bottoms

 Hopper Bottom Pools

Legacy Pools can be made with deep ends



Manta Ray Pools


Manta Ray and Sea Life Pools  

Our pools are strong enough to handle any sea life exhibit






Lion Tested Pools

Our pools can also handle lions, like Olla





Baptism Pools   

Need a pool that can be set up and taken down for baptisms? Here you go!



Dolphin Pools


Porpoise Pools  

Our pools can be used for special purposes  even porpoises!




Kayak Pools


Kayak Pools

Ride the river at home with your own kayak pool



Walk On Water


Walk On Water Pools  

Walk on water pools are a great business opportunity




Wake Boarding Pools

Take off and landing pools. We have them.






Toddler Pools   

Looking for a pool just for the small one, here they are.




Shallow Pools  

We can make pools as shallow as 12inches





Deep Pools

We can make pools up- to 10ft deep




Small Pools 

 Small Pools  

As small as 4ft x 4ft





Endless Waterflow Pools

Cathc The wave with the endless waterflow pool





Scientific Testing Pools  

Legacy pools are water neutral and perfect for immersion and pressure testing





Emergency Water Storage Pools

Great for storing water in times of needs.  With all the wildfires in the west and in California this is a must have!





Daycare Pools  

Special size pools for schools and daycares




Rain Water Pools

Rainwater Collection Pools  

Use our pools to collect rainwater 


Legacy Pools Are Durable What Happens When I Order
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Above Ground Pools:

Above Ground Pools By Legacy Pools are the finest, strongest, most durable, problem free swimming pools in the world. Since we are the manufacturer of these pools as well as the retailer we have the ability to make any pool you like. In any size, any depth up to 8ft deep and just about any shape.  So whether you are looking for a backyard pool for your family or an Olympic size pool, we are your source.  No matter the size or purpose of the pool you are looking for you will find that Legacy will fit your need. The advanced technology of these pools means no more replacing liners, no more paying someone thousands of dollars to install a pool, and if you have to move, the pool can move with you.  It can be a temporary feature of your backyard that can be taken down in the fall, or a permanent feature that can stay up all year, even in freezing temperatures.bar We Can Do That!…Yes We Can!”
You will not hear that from any other pool company. Beings that we are not only the seller but also the manufacturers of these above ground swimming pools, we can make anything in above ground pools you can imagine we can make.  Because we are the maker of these pools. Let your imagination be your guide and we will try our best not to say no.

More Custom Pool Made Portable Pools Applications – Use Your Imagination!

Legacy Portable Pools

Your imagination is the gateway to anything to do with water and our expertise will make it happen with one of our specialty  pools. So just what is special? Swim Schools, Olympic pool, exercise and therapy, and we could go on and one, but just look at our selection below to see EVERYTHING! Specialty above ground pools


And The List is growing!

  • Animal Therapy Pools ,Birthing Pools, Special Olympic Pools, Remote Mini Sub Pools ,Stock Water Troughs, Emergency Water Supply’s, Field Showers, Chemical Threat Immersion Tanks , Water Tower Tanks, Fire Control Water Tanks, Human Powered Flight Landing Pools, Carnival Dunk Tank, Bumper Boat Pools, R/C Boats, Kayaking Pools, Emergency Sea Life and Sea Mammal Storage

Above Ground Pools